Historic Arrowtown

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Virtual Tour

Teachers - take a virtual tour of the museum before you visit to prepare your learning objectives and set the scene for your class' upcoming experience.

Or use the virtual tour as a post-visit resource to reflect on your experience and draw out extra learning points.


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Videos for you and your students to watch

From NZonScreen

Flare - A Ski Trip (1977)     


Wakatipu - The Long Lake (1954)

Shadows of Shoah

  • www.shadowsofshoah.com
  • www.holocaustcentre.org.nz
  • www.aucklandmuseum.com
  • www.nzchmemorial.com
  • The Diary of a Young Girl written by Anne Frank.
  • The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas written by John Boyne.
  • The Book Thief - film
  • The Holocaust: A Teenager's Experience - film

* available for sale at the Lakes District Museum Bookshop

# available from National Library