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Friday, 11th September 2015

Children of the 1880s

Friday, 17th February 2012

Children of the 1880s

Washboard wizardry!!!  

  • Children of the 1880sWashboard wizardry!!!
  • Children of the 1880s.....and we have BUTTER!
  • Children of the 1880sPE 1880s style!


This Thursday & Friday saw St Gerard's students face a series of activities all to do with life in the 1880s...

The Year 5-8s had to complete a series of challenges including making butter, ragmats, hand washing clothes in the river and even digging a LONG DROP! They also visited the Chinese village and learnt about the hardships these miners faced during their time on the goldfields.

The Year 1-4s participated in a class with the new 'Miss Gray'! Most students were very well behaved and now we all know what happens to those who misbehave.....! Students also visited Saint Mary MacKillop's cottage and played schoolyard games from the 1800s.

Thanks for the blog post already Room 4 - hope more of you will write comments soon!

Comments (2)

Thanks Rachael for having us at the Arrowtown Museum. We loved learning about the olden days. We did like the old school house. Even though some of us were scared of Mrs Grey. We also really like going to the jail and gold panning. Thanks for a great day. We hope we can come back again soon.

Here are some stories written by some of the students in Room 2 about our trip to the Arrowtown Museum.

At Arrowtown Museum we dressed up in old fashion clothes. The clothes were funny. It was fun in the classroom. I wanted to laugh but I knew I couldn't or else I would get the cane.
By Maggie

I went to Arrowtown Museum. I dressed up in olden days clothes. It was funny. The school was wooden. I am glad I am not in the olden days school. It was scary.
By Jacob

We went to the old school. We wore a bonnet and a dress and an apron. Our teacher was growly
By Mia

By: Room 2 St Gerard's School on Tuesday, 21st February 2012 @ 15:05:21

My favourite part was being in a class of the 1880s and seeing how hard it was not being allowed to write with my left hand.
My least favourite part was digging the long drop. I learnt how to make mats out of rag pieces. I really enjoyed the trip.

By: Tanya on Monday, 27th February 2012 @ 09:05:12