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June 2013

Nugget our new horse!

Wednesday, 26th June 2013

Nugget our new horse!


  • Nugget our new horse!

We have a new pet horse called Nugget at handsonhistory.

He is so cute and we are very excited to have a new friend on the website.

Nugget loves getting pats, and if you watch carefully he will follow your mouse wherever it goes.

Make sure you make a visit to Nugget, he loves attention (and gold)!

Embroidery Exhibition

Tuesday, 25th June 2013

Embroidery Exhibition

Luv to Stitch  

  • Embroidery ExhibitionLuv to Stitch

It was great to see a mention in the Otago Daily Times of the Embroiderers Guild exhibition at the Lakes District Museum & Gallery!

For a gold coin entry, you can come in out of the cold and see some amazing pieces of Art.

A visit to the exhibition could be used as some artistic inspiration for in the classroom. The New Zealand Curriculum acknowledges that a visit to a Gallery can help develop student's visual enquiries for creating their own meaningful art works. A visit to a Gallery exhibtion can provide a meaningful context for authentic learning - a great approach fo teaching!

Snow, Snow, Snow!

Friday, 21st June 2013

Snow, Snow, Snow!

Snowmen with All Blacks scarves  

  • Snow, Snow, Snow!Snowmen with All Blacks scarves
  • Snow, Snow, Snow!Outside the Museum
  • Snow, Snow, Snow!Snowman Guarding the School Zone

I hope everyone in the central Otago area is keeping warm!

I thought I would put up a picture of the museum in the snow, so even those of you have not received any snow can see what we are experiencing!

I saw some Snowmen on my walk to the Lakes District Museum & Gallery this morning ...

I wonder if the early Gold miners made any Snowmen when they first settled in Arrowtown in 1862?!

A New Education Officer

Wednesday, 19th June 2013

A New Education Officer

Who can it be?  

  • A New Education OfficerWho can it be?

The month of June is seeing a change of Weather and a change of people at the Lakes District Museum and Gallery.

Outside the snow is falling, and inside the new Education Officer is typing...

My name is Amy Taylor, and I am very excited to join the Lakes District Museum and Gallery here in Arrowtown. It will be very sad to see Rachel leave, but I hope I will continue maintaining the great standard of Education she has set! Luckily we still have Denise and Wendy here, so you can all continue recieving the great programs they provide. I hope to add my own flair to the programs, and I look forward to seeing you all here at the Museum!