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Friday, 11th September 2015

Poha & Pounamu

Wednesday, 15th February 2012

Poha & Pounamu

Makarora students get their WHITE gloves on!!  

  • Poha & PounamuMakarora students get their WHITE gloves on!!

Yesterday, Makarora school students discovered the life of early Maori in the Lakes District through the 'hands on artefacts' timeline activity. Students learnt how Maori travelled inland to hunt and gather supplies, spearing Moa and native birds and searching for treasured Pounamu. Makarora students carefully examined (with thier white gloves on) a pōhā a bag made from blades of rimurapa (bull kelp). Maori used a pōhā on hnting trips to store food, as food preserved inside a pōhā can be kept safely for up to two to three years.

Students also experienced life as a child in the 1880s surviving Miss Gray's classroom and cane... making ragmats and butter which they sampled it on pikelets!  They saw how the Chinese miners lived and explored the Chinese village. The day ended with a 'lock-up' in the old gaol!!

Makarora School we hope you enjoyed your visit to the Lakes District Museum - what was your favourite part?? post us a blog!!