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Friday, 11th September 2015

Otautau's photography prowess!

Friday, 16th March 2012

Otautau's photography prowess!

Strike a pose!  

  • Otautau's photography prowess!Strike a pose!
  • Otautau's photography prowess!If only..

Otautau School's trip to the Lakes District Museum saw a 'new' approach tried by staff and students. Students dressed in 1880s costume and planned and posed in a series of shots around Arrowtown.

Students first learnt about the history of photography and examined our Box Brownie and Rolleiflex camera's from the early 1900s before embarcking on a mission to recreate some old time photos of their own.

A variety of shots were taken including portrait sylte - no smiles now!! in the museum before venturing outside (and to the swarms (and cameras!) of tourists!!) to take more pictures. Sites included the Arrowtown cemetery, Catholic and Anglican churches, the Chinese village, old Gaol and finally Buckingham street.

We hope you had a good day Otautau and looking forward to seeing some pics and hearing about it on this blog!!