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Friday, 11th September 2015

Columba College Collect Knowledge!

Wednesday, 6th November 2013

Columba College Collect Knowledge!

Checking out the Chinese Settlement!  

  • Columba College Collect Knowledge!Checking out the Chinese Settlement!
  • Columba College Collect Knowledge!Sitting on New Zealand's only historically protected long drop!
  • Columba College Collect Knowledge!Outside Ah Lums Store
  • Columba College Collect Knowledge!Gold panning at the Arrow River
  • Columba College Collect Knowledge!Inside an 1800's School Room at the Museum!
  • Columba College Collect Knowledge!The Lond Drop Exhibit at the Museum
  • Columba College Collect Knowledge!Hands on with Artefacts!
  • Columba College Collect Knowledge!Skipping around Mary Cotters tree for good luck.
  • Columba College Collect Knowledge!Walking under the trees on the Historic Walk
  • Columba College Collect Knowledge!Inside the Old Gaol!

46 year 7 girls from Columba College visited us at the Museum today! We were very busy with myself, and Wendy our other educator running the activities for these enthusiastic students!

The whole day was an information overload as students experienced a museum visit which included handling artefacts! The girls also had a historic walk around Arrowtown where we checked out the Old Gaol. The afternoon was spent with a tour of the Chinese settlement and some gold panning!!

It was a pretty special day, as during the historic walk I made sure students skipped around Mary Cotters tree 3 times for good luck so that it could help them find gold when we were gold panning... and I think it worked!

Why is Jail spelt 'Gaol' in Arrowtown?

What was Ah Lums hut made out of?

Do you think it is easy or hard to find gold?

What was one thing you learned about during your museum visit?

Answer my questions and comment below about your visit to the Lakes District Museum & Gallery!