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Friday, 11th September 2015

Darfield Does it Again!

Monday, 24th March 2014

Darfield Does it Again!

Researching in our conference room  

  • Darfield Does it Again!Researching in our conference room
  • Darfield Does it Again!The Old Gaol which was built in 1875, 13 years after gold was discovered in the Arrow River,
  • Darfield Does it Again!The roof of Saint Mary MacKillops school room. Can anyone remember what caused these marks?
  • Darfield Does it Again!Inside Saint Patricks Church. The stained glass window features a clover at the centre with a star on the outside.

Senior History students from Darfield High School visited the Lakes District Museum for two days for their annual History field trip!

The students researched in our conference room with access to our archives, focusing on areas such as women, Chinese settlers, and the socio-economic effects of the gold rush. A tour around the Chinese settlement introduced students to the racist attitudes the European settlers had towards the Chinese settlers. We also discussed the 1881 Poll Tax and the negative effects this had upon the Chinese settlers.

On day two students completed their extensive research, with a focus on collecting plenty of primary resources. We ended their visit with a short Historic Walk (due to inclement weather conditions)! On the walk we discussed building materials used in establishing the Arrowtown township, we also examined the Old Gaol, St Patrick's Church, and Saint Mary MacKillop's cottage.

Did you find this History trip useful?

What are some new or interesting things you learned on your visit?

Comment about your visit on the blog, and I hope you all have a safe drive home!