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Friday, 11th September 2015

St Theresa's See into the Past

Tuesday, 11th March 2014

St Theresa's See into the Past

Checking out the Old Gaol  

  • St Theresa's See into the PastChecking out the Old Gaol
  • St Theresa's See into the PastSkipping around Mary Cotters tree for good luck.
  • St Theresa's See into the PastGoing inside Saint Mary MacKillops cottage
  • St Theresa's See into the PastRugby ball marks on the roof of Saint Mary MacKillop's Schoolroom

St Theresa's School from Invercargill have had their year 5 & 6 students visit for two days in a row!

These are the fun activities we got up to:

  • A frightening lesson with Miss Gray in a Victorian 1880's school room - the students memorized a poem, and learnt cursive handwriting. They also learned about how much harder school life was over 100 years ago!
  • Exploring the museum and learning about how the miners and the people of Arrowtown lived during the 1800's. Students got to learn more about Grog Shanty's, Long Drop's, the old Bakery, and the Phaeton carriage!
  • A historic walk of Arrowtown - All of the miners cottages were so small because everyone needed to get their building materials from out of Arrowtown. Seeing Saint Mary MacKillops cottage, and skipping around Mary Cotters tree were some of the highlights of the walk.

We hope you enjoy the rest of your camp St Theresa's - you were all fantastic learners asking very insightful questions!

Why did people in the 1800's use long drops?

How did Miss Gray punish naughty students?

Why did it take Arrowtown so long to build an Old Gaol?

Can you still remember the poem you learnt with Miss Gray?

Answer my questions and comment about your visit below!