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Friday, 11th September 2015

Arrowtown School Kids Are Artists!

Friday, 16th May 2014

Arrowtown School Kids Are Artists!

Students sketched their camouflage prints all by themselves  

  • Arrowtown School Kids Are Artists!Students sketched their camouflage prints all by themselves
  • Arrowtown School Kids Are Artists!After outlining the sketched lines with vivid, students then painted their camouflage
  • Arrowtown School Kids Are Artists!Students had to mix and blend colours by themselves!
  • Arrowtown School Kids Are Artists!Looking at photos for inspiration, students then painted colours to match
  • Arrowtown School Kids Are Artists!We next painted our hands to blend into our camouflage print
  • Arrowtown School Kids Are Artists!Giraffe, Kea, Zebra, Cow, Camouflage, Tiger, Tortoise, and many other prints inspired the students
  • Arrowtown School Kids Are Artists!Students had to think carefully about where they placed their hand and how they would paint it before it was photographed
  • Arrowtown School Kids Are Artists!Glitter was next added just like Reuben Paterson uses in his own work.
  • Arrowtown School Kids Are Artists!This student used red glitter to accentuate the kea feathers he painted
  • Arrowtown School Kids Are Artists!Can you spot the hands in pictures?
  • Arrowtown School Kids Are Artists!Our works effectively combined inspiration from Palmen, Warhol, and Paterson!

I visited the year 6 students at Arrowtown School today to create some fabulous camouflage art! The theme of camouflage for our art was really appropriate considering the WWI centenary which starts this year.

During my visit we discussed how animals use camouflage in the wild (to hunt, or to hide). We also thought of how humans use camouflage... we came up with four ideas: for hunting, for the army (like the soldiers used during WWI), for fashion, and for ART!

Our inspiration for artworks came from three VERY different artists:

  • Desiree Palmen is a Dutch artist who paints peoples clothes to help them blend into the city, which she then takes photos of.
  • Andy Warhol liked the idea of how camouflage hides things, but when he created his camouflage prints he painted them in bright colours so that two opposite ideas of hiding and being easily seen were combined.
  • Reuben Paterson is a kiwi artist who likes to incorporate glitter into his artworks of kowhaiwhai patterns.

The techniques we used today included:

  • Using different media (paint, crayons, photography, and glitter)
  • Mixing and blending colours to create our animal and camouflage prints and to disguise our hands
  • Practicing our sketching skills by copying images of animal and camouflage prints onto sheets of paper.

The works these students created were AMAZING! I was so impressed by the high quality of the pieces of art - I can't wait to run another workshop!

What did you enjoy about the Art workshop?

What was something new you learned at the workshop?

How are you going to display your pieces of art in the classroom?

Who is your favourite artist?

Answer my questions and comment about your visit below!

Comments (2)

Josh spoke very enthusiastically about the camouflage art that he'd done at school with guests from the museum. I am looking forward to seeing his finished product - from the state of his hands, I know that it's black and white! Great to have some guests in to inspire our students in art. Thank you.

By: Yvonne Culling on Wednesday, 28th May 2014 @ 09:10:46

Hi Yvonne, I'm glad Josh had such a great time with our camouflage art work shops! All of the kids loved painting their hands to blend into their artwork... from a distance they looked like some very unusual gloves!

By: Amy Taylor on Wednesday, 28th May 2014 @ 09:24:43