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Friday, 11th September 2015

Marian College Students Double Up!

Monday, 19th May 2014

Marian College Students Double Up!

Researching in our conference room  

  • Marian College Students Double Up!Researching in our conference room
  • Marian College Students Double Up!

Today 32 year 13 students from Marian College visited the Museum. The visit was pretty unique as we had students visiting to learn about the Geography of the region as well as to research in our archives for their history assignments! So we had a double up of what students were focusing on!

Denise our Educator ran the geography session first thing in the morning. She discussed the effects of tourism, the developments of tourism, and tourism as a cultural process in Queenstown. Students were then invited to explore the museum and check out our old display panels from an exhibition we ran on tourism. Denise finished the visit with tour of the Chinese settlement which is an important tourist site here in Arrowtown.

Whilst Denise was with the geography students, I worked with the History students! I also gave the students a tour of the Chinese settlement, with a focus on the history of the Chinese as well as the push and pull factors which brought the Chinese to New Zealand. The remainder of the day was spent researching in our archives, with some of the geography students (who were studying both subjects) joining us. The research topics for many of the students were on the Chinese and on Women of the goldfields - which we had ample amounts of information on!