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Wednesday, 28th May 2014


Snowy shops on Buckingham Street, Arrowtown  

  • SNOW, SNOW, SNOW!Snowy shops on Buckingham Street, Arrowtown
  • SNOW, SNOW, SNOW!Our historic miners cottages have seen quite a few snowfalls in their lifetime!
  • SNOW, SNOW, SNOW!The trees in Arrowtown were frosted with snow, and made our town look like a winter wonderland.
  • SNOW, SNOW, SNOW!A view of the mountains from Frankton, with a fresh dusting of snow!
  • SNOW, SNOW, SNOW!This is Queenstown Wednesday morning, a couple of days after the snow fall... still very chilly!

Winter arrived a little early this year when we saw some pretty impressive snow on Monday morning.

These pictures on the blog show what Arrowtown and Queenstown looked like before the snow was cleared off the roads, and before it began melting! Arrowtown got close to 30cm of snow, whilst Frankton and Queenstown got between 10cm - 15cm of the cold, white stuff. Many of the local schools had to close on Monday because of the snow, which must have been a lot of fun for our lakes district kids! It looks like this might be a great start to the ski season...

Did you get the day off school on Monday?

What fun stuff did you do in the snow?

What causes snow?

Answer my questions and comment about your snow day experience below!