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Friday, 11th September 2015

Woodlands Wonder About The Past

Wednesday, 14th May 2014

Woodlands Wonder About The Past

Exploring the storage huts at the Chinese settlement  

  • Woodlands Wonder About The PastExploring the storage huts at the Chinese settlement
  • Woodlands Wonder About The PastGoing up the ladder in Ah Lums store to find the secret engraving on the wooden boards
  • Woodlands Wonder About The PastCreating rag mats!
  • Woodlands Wonder About The PastThe students were very industrious when they created their rag mats!

Woodlands School visited the Museum today as part of their school camp. It was a chilly start to the morning, but this did not put off the students who were keen to discover the museum and local Arrowtown history!

A terrifying session with Miss Gray started off the morning. The students had to memorize a poem as well as practice their cursive handwriting. Everyone had to sit with their backs straight and their hands in their laps - and no talking or laughing was allowed!

The students then had a tour of the Chinese settlement. During the tour we looked at the quirky design elements of the Chinese settlers houses and the long drop! We also discussed the push factors for bringing the Chinese to New Zealand.

A session of rag mat making was next on the agenda. This workshop really helped students understand all of the chores children had to complete during the 1800's. It was hard work being a kid 150 years ago!

The visit ended with gold panning at the Arrow river. The water was icy cold, but that didn't stop a few lucky students from striking it rich! With winter well and truly on it's way, that will probably be our last gold panning session until term 4, so it was fantastic that the last gold panning session was so successful.

How was Miss Gray's classroom different from your own classroom?

Can you remember what other chores children had to do during the 1800's?

Do you believe in the story of Ah Lum's ghost?

Why did the Chinese settlers come to New Zealand for the gold rush?

Do you think gold panning is easy or hard? Why?

Answer my questions and comment about your visit on this blog!