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Friday, 11th September 2015

Art2Wear Exhibition

Tuesday, 3rd June 2014

Art2Wear Exhibition

"The Hunter Games"  

  • Art2Wear Exhibition"The Hunter Games"
  • Art2Wear ExhibitionThese garments were created with copies of marriage certificates and divorce papers!
  • Art2Wear ExhibitionOne of the categories for Art2Wear were just for hats
  • Art2Wear ExhibitionThe costume on the left was made only out of bubblewrap and double sided sticky tape!
  • Art2Wear ExhibitionOne of these costumes commemorate WWI, can you tell which one?
  • Art2Wear Exhibition"Four Seasons in One Day"
  • Art2Wear ExhibitionCan you guess what type of shell was used for this costume?
  • Art2Wear ExhibitionThis costume featured rat skulls along one of the sleeves!
  • Art2Wear Exhibition"Stunning Central"

Part of the Arrowtown Autumn Festival, the Art 2 Wear show is one of the most popular ticketed events. Local designers compete in one of four categories to produce the best Art 2 Wear fashion.

These entries are now on display at the Lakes District Museum & Gallery from the 30th May until the 15th June 2014. A visit to this exhibition could provide inspiration for fabric and technology units at your school. Viewing this exhibition could also provide a valuable learning experience for examining the design process and for appreciating different forms of art.

Which is your favourite piece?

The materials used to create these garments are very unusual. Some of these include rat skulls, bubble wrap, birds nests, wire, divorce papers, and marriage certificates! Why do you think the designers use such interesting materials?

Have you visited our exhibition yet?

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How about you try making your own wearable art at home or school, by using old newspapers?!