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Friday, 11th September 2015

Waikoikoi Wonder About the Past

Wednesday, 25th June 2014

Waikoikoi Wonder About the Past

Miss Grays classroom ...  

  • Waikoikoi Wonder About the PastMiss Grays classroom ...
  • Waikoikoi Wonder About the PastThe gun display with these lead bullets were the learning focus for one of the groups
  • Waikoikoi Wonder About the PastAnother group visited the grog shanty, this was a popular place for an 1800's miner on the goldfields.

Waikoikoi students visited the Lakes District Museum today to learn about the past...

It was a scary start to a Wednesday morning with Miss Gray making an appearance, but all of the students were very brave and survived a whole lesson with her! During the lesson students had to sit with their back straight, and finish their answers with "Miss Gray". During the lesson students memorized a poem; practiced their cursive handwriting; learnt the twelve times tables and arithmetic with pennies, shillings, and pounds; and finished the lesson with a physical drill. One naught student even got a caning for playing in the girls playground!

After morning tea students explored the museum. We started the session with an artefacts timeline where students got to handle a moa bone, a poha, a pounamu mere, and some other very precious items. Students then explored the museum whilst learning about some specific displays on life during the 1800's. Everyone enjoyed visiting the long drop display, and the girls were interested in learning about the corset on display. It wasn't easy being a lady during the 1800's!

What was your favourite part of the visit?

What was something new you learned during the visit?

Do you think learning today is easy or hard compared to over a 100 years ago? Why?

What was your favourite artefact that you got to handle?

Answer some of my questions or just comment about your visit below!

We really enjoyed having you come visit Waikoikoi, come again soon!