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Friday, 11th September 2015

Tokomairiro Take on Arrowtown!

Tuesday, 26th August 2014

Tokomairiro Take on Arrowtown!


  • Tokomairiro Take on Arrowtown!
  • Tokomairiro Take on Arrowtown!Students were interested to learn about the extent of glaciation in the Wakatipu region
  • Tokomairiro Take on Arrowtown!Early activities and attractions during the 1800's for our eco-tourists
  • Tokomairiro Take on Arrowtown!The Arrowtown Autumn festival is one way we attrract tourists during our shoulder seasons

To finish off a Geography field trip to Queenstown, year 13 Tokomairiro students visited the Lakes District Museum for our development of tourism university style presentation.

Key highlights of the presentation for these students included:

Realizing the extent of glaciation in the Wakatipu region. We had periods of glaciation (cooling) and interglaciation (warming) 550,000 and 18,000 years ago which shaped and carved our landscape to make it the beautiful environment it is today.

Early activities and attractions which included all the trappings and finery of cakes stands, french horns, and full length crinoline skirts (even for climbing Ben Lomond).

The amazing variety of attractions and activities Queenstown provides to encourage increasing visitors throughout the year. Attractions such as the Arrowtown Autumn Festival, Wineries, Golf, Cycling, Adventure tourism, Gay Ski Week, Jazz fest - the list is never ending!

As always, our presentation was accompanied with worksheets opportunities to complete maps to show the developement of tourism over the past 100 years!

Do you think Destination Queenstown is marketing Queenstown effectively? Why? Why not?

What other destinations (international and domestic) does Queenstown have to compete against?

Did you find the presentation useful?

Answer my questions and comment about your visit below!

We hope you have a safe drive back home Tokomairiro!