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Friday, 11th September 2015

Tisbury Take on History!

Wednesday, 29th October 2014

Tisbury Take on History!

The chalk board used in Miss Gray's classroom  

  • Tisbury Take on History!The chalk board used in Miss Gray's classroom
  • Tisbury Take on History!A display inside the museum which shows how a typical victorian home would have looked
  • Tisbury Take on History!in 1862 gld was discovered in the Arrow river - over 150 years later you can still find little specks of alluvial gold!

Tisbury School traveled all the way to Arrowtown to visit the Lakes District Museum.

These were the activities the students experienced at the museum:

  • 1800's school room experience with Miss Grey - to help identify how teaching/education has changed over time
  • A museum visit which focused on the living conditions of the early miners which included some creative writing - to understand some of the history that surrounds Central Otago
  • Gold panning at the Arrow River - to develop some understanding of how gold was found and the way this has reflected on the future

We all had a fantastic day together and we hope you come back soon!

Comment below about what you most enjoyed and some of the exciting new things you learned during you visit!