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Friday, 11th September 2015

WWI and the Wakatipu - NSC visits

Thursday, 30th October 2014

WWI and the Wakatipu - NSC visits


  • WWI and the Wakatipu - NSC visits
  • WWI and the Wakatipu - NSC visitsAn obiturary card for a fallen soldier
  • WWI and the Wakatipu - NSC visitsCharlie Eckhardt's christmas card holder. A German hairdresser in Arrowtown who was shunned during WWI.

NSC visited our new exhibition commemorating the WWI centenary.

These year 7  - 10 students were considering studying history at a senior level at their school, so our exhibition was the perfect platform for the students to see how exciting history could be!

Their visit included an interactive viewing of the exhibition, students went through the enlistment process to figure out if the met the minimum height and maximum weight requirements for WWI, this was then followed by discussing different aspects of WWI and its effects on a small community.

The visit finished with a historic walk of Arrowtown, where we visited heritage sites around Arrowtown associated with WWI, and followed up on stories from the exhibition.

Thanks for visiting NSC! Comment below and let us know what you enjoyed about our new exhibition!

Click through the photo gallery of this blog post, to see some of the artefacts the students got to view in the exhibition.