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Friday, 11th September 2015

A choice day out with Dipton School

Monday, 23rd February 2015

Last Thursday it was my pleasure to host Room 1 from Dipton School. My third Southland school in a row just proved how choice kids are from down south. What a fun an active bunch! I loved the small whanau vibe the school gave off.

We had an extremely busy day planned and after an awful time being scolded by the mean Miss Gray we promptly moved on to creating an artefact timeline. These students were all switched on and could guess which artefact I was talking about straight away. This time line gave everyone a hands on introduction to the history of beautiful Arrowtown. Really thoughtful questions were asked and hopefully answered showing how engaged everyone was! Tino pai!

We spent the afternoon outside. It was a beautiful day and everyone had hats and/or sunblock. First we did a historic walk of Arrowtown- the highlight was definitely the old gaol! Then at the Chinese Village we paid particular attention to looking at the huts as Room 1 has activities such as sketching and building based on these.

Finally after an ice block break we got to gold pan! We had some of the most prosperous gold panners I've ever seen in this group of determined students. Courtney struck gold numerous times! Ka rawe! The parents were all extremely helpful during the hunt for gold and everything went smoothly until we looked at the time! Time sure does fly when your searching for gold!

As always I learned just as much as I taught. I had never heard of Gypsy Day before or ever had to consider what kind of impact it has on small communities.

So big thumb waves to everyone! And I will take you up on your invitation to swing by the school next time I'm in Dipton.

Email through any awesome photos to [email protected] and please fill out the survey

Thanks for coming!

Senior scholar questions:

  • how many pennies in a shilling?
  • What did the town use before the jail?
  • why don't we put our fingers in the water when we gold pan?
  • what is a poha?