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Friday, 11th September 2015

Glenorchy graces us with a visit.

Monday, 23rd February 2015

On Friday we had the majority of Glenorchy School leave their home at Matau's head and join us here at his knees (referencing the Legend of Lake Wakatipu).

The day started with the juniors going back in time to an 1880s goldfields classroom. Boy was the school ma'am, Miss Grey, strict!! She even caned a poor child! We had a lively discussion about the huge differences between school then and school now! This involved a vote where it was unanimously decided that the "uniform" was great and Glenorchy School should consider using it!

Us juniors then went inside the museum looking at all of its interesting contents. Everyone loved the fact you could touch, photograph, and sit on heaps of things. The 'Hands on with Artefacts' session was great fun. An interactive history lesson? Yes, please! Lots of hands were in the air as the keen juniors knew exactly which artefact I was describing. 

After lunch 14 of Glenorchy's seniors joined us for some outdoor fun. The students paired up and off we went on a historical walk of Arrowtown. The gaol was a definite favourite and the juniors impressed the seniors by relaying relevant information they had just learned.

Ice blocks were needed before we started on our Chinese Village Tour as the weather was hot, hot, hot. Impressively these young learners all kept focus. And as soon as it all started it was time to leave!

We loved having Glenorchy visit us! Please come again soon!

Senior scholar questions:

  • how many pennies in a shilling?
  • What did the town use before the jail was built?
  • How many languages could Ah Lum speak?
  • what is a poha? Think back to the Māori part of our time line!