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Friday, 11th September 2015

Overseas Museums!

Monday, 22nd June 2015

Overseas Museums!

Sign in the Ellis Island Immigration Museum.  

  • Overseas Museums!Sign in the Ellis Island Immigration Museum.
  • Overseas Museums!Museum humor.
  • Overseas Museums!The metro station wall.
  • Overseas Museums!Dinos!
  • Overseas Museums!More Dinos!
  • Overseas Museums!The British Museum (was fantastic)
  • Overseas Museums!The Met in NYC

I've just returned from overseas where (whilst relaxing in the sun) I visited lots of museums. I was lucky enough to talk to a few Education Officers too. I visited multiple museums in New York City, London and Lisbon. It was really interesting to see DINOSAURS, vikings, and castles. It's easy to forget how young New Zealand is! I thought I'd share some pictures with the blog!

While at the American Museum of Natural History their educator told me they have a team of over 200 staff, limitless funding and a target of 500,000 students per year. That would be like every 8th New Zealander coming into the museum! Wow!