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Friday, 11th September 2015

Winter Wonderland!

Wednesday, 8th July 2015

Winter Wonderland!

A two hottie kind of day  

  • Winter Wonderland!A two hottie kind of day
  • Winter Wonderland!Snow on the Museum
  • Winter Wonderland!Snow in the avenue
  • Winter Wonderland!On the drive to work! (clock is broken)

Wowser! Everyone was right about how cold it gets down here.

We have been having temperatures in the negatives more often than not in the last few weeks. That's cold for an Aucklander like myself, we're not tough Central Otago/ Southlanders. However, the crisp white snow has made for some beautiful pictures.The coldest I've seen it so far is -8!!!

Naturally the school bookings have been dropping off due to the temperatures and the treacherous black ice. Meanwhile, the staff here have been keeping busy by popping off to the ski fields for a run or two. 

Now it's school holidays and it's time to catch up on some admin and try to stay warm! I've just handed in my twice yearly report for the Ministry of Education (essentially an audit).

Drive safe South Islanders and try to stay warm!

Ka kite ano,